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Popsicle – Managing a multi-site business made easy with ICRTouch  

Popsicle opened at the end 2020, the owner Tim Stone opened 3 locations situated on Castle Street, The English Market and Winthrop Street, serving Cork City with this innovative twist on the classic sweet and ice cream. Specializing in all-natural, handcrafted gourmet popsicles, icecreams, waffles and sundaes. 

The Challenge

The challenge facing this face paced retail business was finding the right EPOS solution that ticked all its boxes. The solution needed to be easy for staff to operate while still having excellent reporting features. All locations needed the exact same setup for ease of use for the staff floating between each location. The customer too must be offered the same experience with product promotions and special offers.  

Having had done a fair amount of homework in terms of market research at that point but nothing they had seen was exactly what they were after.  

The Solution

After discussing he’s needs with C&L, a full demonstration of ICRTouch was scheduled. After seeing ICRTouch in action, Tim knew it was exactly what he was looking for and felt confident that the C&L could deliver on service. The decision to install ICR’s TouchPoint on the Aures LC POS touchscreens across all 3 locations and added the Touch Office Web cloud service to complete the package.

The Outcome

Touch Point is reliable and easy to use and allows extensive product promotions and the option of customer loyalty throughout the three locations.  

With the Touch Office Web, any price changes or adding of new products are sent in an instant to the three locations. Real time sales at each store can be viewed from anywhere. All reporting is in a central location, while monitoring product sales trends is made easy  

No more running around to each location to change product settings and collecting reports. ICR’s Touch Point and Touch Office Web make managing a multi-site business easy.  

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