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Service Industry Systems

Responsive EPoS Systems for the Service Industry

C&L Business System is your ideal supplier of service industry EPoS systems in Cork and Greater Munster. We supply, install, and maintain service industry EPoS systems such as touchscreen terminals, cash registers, receipt printers, barcode scanners, and much more to keep your fast-paced business operating smoothly.

Take advantage of modern EPoS technology for sales transactions, detailed reporting, staff management, and remote functionality. All service businesses, from beauty salons to dry cleaners, shoe cobblers, and design studios, you can rely on the efficient, easy-to-use service industry EPoS systems we provide to businesses all across Cork, Limerick, Kerry, Tipperary, and Waterford.

Service Industry

Beauty Salons & Hairdressers

  • Book client appointments directly through your service industry EPoS system.
  • Retain full customer service histories to provide consistent, personalised services.
  • Annotate customer records with vital information such as allergy information, previous hairstyles and dye colours, and much more.
  • Run customer loyalty schemes and promotions, create, print, and redeem gift vouchers, organise daily, weekly, and monthly sales reports, produce VAT reports, and populate your customer database easily and conveniently through your service industry EPoS system.
  • Encourage paperless transactions with near-instant payment solutions and email receipts for regular clients.

Dry Cleaners

  • Seamlessly manage multiple customer data through the service industry EPoS system.
  • Label and organise dry cleaning articles for each customer, including information such as numerical identifiers, status (on-premises or claimed articles), quantity of items, and more.
  • Minimise errors by providing customers with their exact clothing articles rather than someone else’s with the aid of real-time stock tracking.
  • Print orders in duplicate or triplicate on crisp and clearly legible printed paper and optionally attach receipts to dry cleaning articles.
  • Offer frequent and returning customers a convenient, consolidated A4 monthly invoice on paper or digitally via email.
  • Promote paperless transactions with convenient email receipts and real-time integration with your service industry EPoS system.


Our Products & Services

Cash Registers

Our extensive selection of modern, rugged electronic cash registers are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as in beauty salons, for hairdressers, or other service industry businesses that depend on accurate, functional point-of-sale tills.

Cash Drawers

Cash, coins, and other valuables need to be kept safe and secure, which is why we supply multiple sizes of high-quality cash drawers. Coded key sets can be optionally provided to enable secure and controlled access to valuables. Compatible with our touchscreens.

Receipt Printers

Give customers clear and high-quality thermal-printed receipts from our receipt printers. Our thermal receipt printers, order printers, and kitchen/bar printers are ideal for use in fast-paced hospitality and retail settings.

EPoS Systems

Unlock the full range of business functions with our intuitive EPoS software solutions. Our EPoS software integrates with your entire EPoS ecosystem and enables a myriad of functions such as organising staff schedules, employee clock in/out, online delivery and restaurant takeaways, real-time sales reporting, web-based remote access, and more.


Our modern, high-resolution touchscreen terminals are an excellent complement to retail and hospitality sector businesses, and they have plenty of applications as service industry EPoS systems as well. Access customer records, promotions, stock levels, and more at the touch of a button.


Every service industry EPoS system needs to have a valid receipt of payment for the client, which is why C&L carries a full range of consumables in most commonly used sizes. We stock cash register ribbons, thermal receipt rolls, Visa rolls, and kitchen receipt rolls.


Many of our clients in and around Cork and Greater Munster are service industry businesses, but we also specialise in service industry EPoS systems for bars, coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and more.

Why Work with Us?

When you choose to work with us at C&L, you can depend on the reliability of our services and our products. We work with many small businesses in Cork and Greater Munster and will choose an appropriate time that fits within your schedule to provide installation, maintenance, or staff training for our service industry EPoS systems.
Customer Service
We always put customers at the forefront of what we do. Whether you operate a service-based business or you sell goods and products to your customers, rest assured that we will provide excellent customer satisfaction just as you do with your own customers. Our small team have a friendly yet professional approach, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.
Quality Products
All of our service industry EPoS systems, including hardware and software solutions, are sourced from established industry leaders in EPoS solutions in Ireland and worldwide. The quality of our products speaks for itself. Our products were designed and engineered to provide reliable results for hospitality, retail, and service sector businesses.



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