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Receipt Printer

Receipt Printer

C&L Business Systems carries a wide selection of quality receipt printers suitable for a wide range of business applications and interoperable with our cash registers, touchscreens, and EPoS business solutions. We supply, install, and maintain the receipt printer for hospitality, retail, and service sector businesses across Cork, Kerry, Limerick, Waterford, and Tipperary.

Our dependable, compact receipt printer enables your business to provide customers with accurate, legible transaction receipts, send restaurant orders to kitchen or bar staff, print high-quality thermal barcodes, produce single or multiple paper copies of goods or services rendered, and much more.

Epson TM-20III
  • Overview
  • Features
When all you need for your business is a simple, entry-level POS receipt printer at affordable prices, the Epson TM-20III is strongly recommended. Able to print graphic logos.
  • Affordable: not only is the TM-20III a cost-effective POS receipt printer on its own, but it also comes with economical paper reduction features to save even more.
  • Reliable: built to last, this printer can last up to a mean time between failures of 360,000 hours, and its print mechanism has a lifespan of 15 million lines.
  • Flexible: can be used in multiple applications (e.g. receipt printing, kitchen and bar order printing) and connected via USB, serial, or Ethernet connection.
  • Flexible: can be used in multiple applications (e.g. receipt printing, kitchen and bar order printing) and connected via USB, serial, or Ethernet connection.
  • Epson TM-U220 Kitchen Printer
    • Overview
    • Features
    The hardworking, versatile, and intuitive Epson TM-U220 serial impact dot matrix receipt printer delivers reliable results in a rugged, compact form factor. Can be wall-mounted.
  • Easy to use: with its simple drop-in receipt roll, auto-cutter, and clamshell cover, the TM-U220 is about as simple as it gets.
  • Compact form: measuring only 160x248x139 mm (Width, Length, Height), the TM-U220 is small and compact for a receipt printer.
  • Versatile: print in up to three widths on plain paper, wall-mountable either horizontally or vertically.
  • Versatile: print in up to three widths on plain paper, wall-mountable either horizontally or vertically.
  • Bixolon SPS 770III Barcode Label Printer
    • Overview
    • Features
    For high-quality thermal printing, look no further than the economic and compact Bixolon SPS 770III barcode label printer. This entry-level barcode printer is perfectly suited for most small hospitality and retail businesses.
  • Barcode printing: print product barcodes in high-quality, scannable quality for use in an EPoS system, include company logo, product name, and price. Quality labels adhere well to all commonly used surfaces. Print barcodes for products without a current barcode
  • Accuracy: reduce human error by reducing errors at the point of sale by promoting the use of barcode scanners to tally purchased items accurately
  • Stock Organisation: integrate with your EPoS system to manage and organise stock levels and maintain healthy profit margins.
  • Why Work With Us?

    In addition to supplying till rolls and cash register ribbons, our small business in Cork is a reliable leading supplier of EPoS solutions such as cash registers, touchscreens, EPoS software, barcode scanners, and more. We also provide in-person staff training and maintenance services for EPoS systems, so book an appointment today and we’ll be happy to serve you in Cork, Kerry, or Limerick.
    Customer Service
    C&L Business Systems has been proudly serving customers in Cork and Greater Munster for over three decades, and we’ve always been committed to putting our customers at the forefront of all that we do. Our professional, friendly approach to EPoS system installation and staff training make us a clear choice.
    Quality Products
    Our EPoS hardware and software solutions are all from reputable vendors that are well-established. Rest assured that all of our products are reliable and are designed for daily use in fast-paced hospitality and retail settings. Most products also come with a manufacturer’s warranty should anything you encounter any problems.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    It depends on the model, but the ink cartridges in most Epson receipt printers can be replaced by first lifting the lip holding the paper roll in place. Then lift the coloured tab inside to open the auto-cutter assembly. The ink cartridge can then be removed and the new cartridge placed in the slot. Close the auto-cutter and the paper roll lip.

    There are many ways to connect a receipt printer to an iPad. The connection between the devices can be completed using a direct Ethernet connection between the internet router and the printer, or via Bluetooth connection. In order to recognise the printer, you will need to have a retail POS app installed and use the app’s settings to detect the printer.

    A receipt printer is a device used in point-of-sale transactions that prints physical paper copies of transaction records such as receipts or order tickets for restaurant menu items. In Ireland, businesses need to provide some form of invoice or transaction record for both the customer and for accounting and taxation purposes. Paper receipts act as a valid form of proof of purchase. 

    Not all receipt printers are compatible with modern POS systems, so it’s best to ensure that you choose modern printers that are compatible with modern electronic point-of-sale hardware and software solutions. Read the product description to learn more about compatibility and consult an EPoS specialist for more information. 

    Thermal receipt printers are the most common type of POS printer used in businesses. They work by applying heat to the receipt roll paper, which turns it black and thus legible as a receipt. The paper rolls must therefore be specialised thermal, or thermochromic paper compatible with thermal receipt printers. 

    Wholesalers and suppliers of electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) business systems sell receipt printers. You can find quality products by shopping with C&L Business Systems in County Cork. We source high-quality printers and EPoS solutions suitable for hospitality and retail businesses across Ireland. 

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