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Cash Drawer

EPOS Systems Cork

Strong & Secure Cash Drawer in Ireland

C&L Business Systems is your trusted, reliable provider of high-quality electronic-point-of-sale (EPoS) solutions – including the cash drawer – in County Cork and Greater Munster. Our durable and secure stock of cash drawers are ideal for retail and hospitality sector settings whereby secure cash compartments are required at your point-of-sale terminal. 

Our wide selection of rugged cash drawers are secure, compact, and compatible with a wide range of EPoS retail systems including receipt printers, cash registers, and touchscreen terminals. Keep your cash, coins, and other valuables safe with our cash drawers equipped with coded key sets and delegated access for management staff and business owners. 

What Are Cash Drawers?

A cash drawer is a compartment usually located underneath a cash register or other Point-of-Sale (POS) device which can be opened or closed via interaction with the register’s ‘No Sale’ button, electronically, or manually with a coded key set. 

The drawer itself is used to store cash, coins, credit card receipts, physical vouchers, and other valuables that are accrued over the course of daily business. Inside of the drawer, cash trays (normally made of plastic) can often be inserted/removed to facilitate cashier cash-out, rotation of staff, and end-of-day closing activities. 

Cash drawers are predominantly used in retail and hospitality settings. Nearly anywhere that cash registers are to be found, cash drawers most often accompany them. 

Commonly Used Cash Drawer Types

Manual Cash Drawer

Perhaps the most bare-bones cash drawer, the manual cash drawer is essentially a lockbox. They are cost-effective and safe for managing cash transactions. May feature mechanical push buttons for automatic lock/unlock functionality. 

Printer Driven Cash Drawer

As the most popular type of cash drawer, printer-driven variants are connected to receipt printers. After printing a transaction receipt and cash payment has been tendered via the POS system, the drawer automatically opens. 

USB Cash Drawer

More modern USB cash drawers can be connected to POS terminals with USB ports, such as touchscreens or electronic cash registers. 

Serial (RS232) Cash Drawer

An older variant of technology RS232 serial connections (aka 9-pin) can be attached to PCs, older cash registers and POS terminals.

Advantages of Cash Drawer 

Retail and hospitality businesses stand to benefit from robust cash drawers with the following advantages: 

  • Efficient Cash Flow: improve the flow of business transactions by keeping cash in one safe place. Integrate with POS systems to access real-time cash flows. 
  • Minimise Theft & Fraud: keep all cash and valuables safe and sound. 
  • Improve Accountability: determine any instances of the drawer being opened without a valid reason, e.g. frequent use of ‘No Sale.’


Our Products & Services

Cash Registers

Pair your drawer with modern, electronic cash registers suitable for a wide range of retail and hospitality business applications. Whether you require a small, compact cash register for your coffee shop or you’d like a backlit screen perfect for use in low-lit bars or nightclubs, we have products to meet your needs. 


We primarily serve clients in retail, hospitality, and the service sector in Cork, Limerick, and Kerry. Our hospitality EPoS systems are engineered and designed to provide reliable results for restaurants, bars, pubs, and hotels. We also provide staff training to ensure they use your new EPoS products correctly. 

Receipt Printers

Humble little receipt printers provide superb value in a small, compact form. From thermal receipt printers for barcode labels to kitchen or bar printers to handle the busy pace of your business, we carry receipt printers that create high-quality paper transaction records for your customers.

EPoS Systems

Leverage the full suite of features available in our modern EPoS systems. myEPOS and ICRTouch are well-known and respected in the industry, and their software is dynamic and versatile enough to be used in retail and hospitality settings to handle online orders and takeaways, as well as in retail shops and service industry settings. 


Crisp, clear displays on our touchscreen terminals add a myriad of intuitive features to assist floor staff and management in busy restaurants, bars, and more. Access sales, bar tabs, seating arrangements, employee clock in/out, sales reporting, stock levels, and much more. See bar systems


Keep your cash registers and receipt printers fully stocked with our wide selection of consumables such as thermal receipt rolls, cash register ribbons, Visa rolls, and kitchen receipt rolls. Available in most commonly-used sizes and in bulk quantities.

Service Industry

C&L proudly serves clients in County Cork and Greater Munster operating service industry businesses such as hair salons, beauty salons, dry cleaners, and more. Our service industry EPoS solutions can be tailored to meet the needs of your fast-paced business, allowing you to focus on what you do best – providing valuable services to your own customers. 

Why Work With Us?

C&L Business Systems is your reliable choice in County Cork, Limerick, Kerry, Tipperary, and Waterford for high-quality, versatile electronic point-of-sale (EPoS) business solutions. Our team of EPoS specialists supply, install, and maintain cash drawers, cash registers, touchscreens, and more to keep your fast-paced business operating smoothly and efficiently.
Customer Service
We pride ourselves on providing each and every customer with quality services and bespoke services to meet the needs of their business. Our customer service extends to everything from the initial contact with our valued clients to the supply, installation, and follow-up maintenance and training services for our products.
Quality Products
All of our cash drawers, cash registers, touchscreens, barcode scanners, and receipt printers are manufactured by well-known and reputable brands with a distinguished track record of designing quality products for fast-paced restaurants, bars, coffee shops, hotels, and more. We’re confident you’ll be satisfied with the durability and value of our EPoS hardware and software products.



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