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Till Rolls and Consumables

Till Rolls, Receipt Rolls, and Printer Consumables 

C&L Business Systems stocks a wide selection of till rolls and receipt ribbons compatible with most cash registers and receipt printers. Our consumable products include thermal rolls (44×70, 57×55, 57×70 & 80×80 sizes), Visa rolls (57×38 & 57×46), kitchen printer rolls (single-ply, 2-ply, and 3-ply), cash register ribbons (ERC18, ERC31, and ERC32), and barcode labels. 

For all your business printing needs, such as providing customers with clear, accurate sales receipts with a beautiful graphic logo and other relevant information, you can rely on our high-quality thermal rolls and till rolls for your business in Cork, Kerry, or Limerick. 

Thermal Rolls

  • Extensive stock of BPA-free, high-quality thermal rolls designed for clear, crisp printing with minimal occurrences of paper jams. 
  • We stock various shapes and sizes, including: 44×70, 57×55, 57×70, and 80×80 thermal till rolls. 
  • Compatible with hundreds of modern printers and cash registers. 
  • 80mm rolls are ideal for EPoS system printers and order printers. 
  • All thermal rolls are neatly wrapped to prevent environmental damage. 
  • Each thermal roll comes with a clear end of roll warning to facilitate roll replacement. 

Visa Rolls

  • High-quality stock of BPA-free, thermal Visa rolls. 
  • We stock various sizes, including: 57×38 and 57×46 Visa rolls.  
  • Compatible with most EPoS hardware printers, POS cash registers, touchscreens, and payment terminals. 
  • Nearly every Visa device equipped with a printer uses these universal sizes. 
  • Enables crisp, clear print records of sales transactions for customers. 

Kitchen Rolls

  • Dependable & long-lasting BPA- and lint-free kitchen rolls. 
  • We stock the following sizes: 76×76 single-ply, 76×70 2-ply, 76×70 3-ply, and black & red kitchen printer ribbons.  
  • Compatible with dot matrix kitchen receipt printers, and available in a wide variety of colours for multiple workstations in busy kitchens. 
  • Reduce paper jams with our lint-free, easily replaceable kitchen rolls. 
  • Suitable for restaurants, pubs, retail shops, and other fast-paced service sector applications. 

Cash Register Ribbons

  • High-quality cash register ribbons designed to print easy-to-read sales transaction receipts for customers.  
  • We stock the following types of cash register ribbon: ERC18, ERC31, and ERC32. 
  • Compatible with most modern cash registers from manufacturers such as Samsung, Casio, Sam4s, Epson, and Sharp. 

Barcode Labels

  • Create durable, versatile thermal barcode labels for products or workplace supplies or materials that stick.  
  • High-quality barcode labels designed to be easily read by most handheld barcode scanners. 
  • Customize your barcode labels to include simple barcodes and other relevant information. 
  • Available in multiple sizes to fit a wide range of practical workplace applications. 
  • Can be easily configured with existing EPoS systems to produce accurate real-time data on product stock levels, pricing information, and product descriptions. 


Our Products & Services

Cash Drawers

we carry durable, secure cash drawers in various sizes. Compatible with most touchscreens, receipt printers, and cash registers and equipped with coded key sets to improve security and limit access to drawer contents.


Our omni-directional and handheld single and 2-line barcode scanners improve transaction reliability and accuracy whilst reducing human error for fast-paced hospitality and retail businesses. We carry many types of barcode reader and scanners to suit a wide variety of applications. 

Receipt Printers

Our high-quality receipt printers, kitchen printers, order printers, and thermal receipt printers allow businesses to produce accurate point-of-sale transaction receipts with custom graphics, business details, and more.


All businesses can leverage the convenience and intuitive functionality of modern touchscreen technology. Restaurants, pubs, hotels, and other fast-paced businesses that need responsive, accurate touchscreen solutions can take advantage of our versatile terminals. 

Cash Registers

We carry modern electronic cash registers suitable for various types of hospitality and retail businesses, from simple, compact registers for occasional use up to high-end programmable cash registers capable of handling multiple operators, thousands of PLUs, and more. 

EPoS Systems

Our EPoS software solutions are designed with retail and hospitality businesses in mind, and come with superb functionality including remote access, management and reporting features, clock in/out for employees, and much more.

Why Work With Us?

In addition to supplying till rolls and cash register ribbons, our small business in Cork is a reliable leading supplier of EPoS solutions such as cash registers, touchscreens, EPoS software, barcode scanners, and more. We also provide in-person staff training and maintenance services for EPoS systems, so book an appointment today and we’ll be happy to serve you in Cork and throughout Munster.
Customer Service
C&L Business Systems has been proudly serving customers in Cork and Greater Munster for over three decades, and we’ve always been committed to putting our customers at the forefront of all that we do. Our professional, friendly approach to EPoS system installation and staff training make us a clear choice.
Quality Products
Our EPoS hardware and software solutions are all from reputable vendors that are well-established. Rest assured that all of our products are reliable and are designed for daily use in fast-paced hospitality and retail settings. Most products also come with a manufacturer’s warranty should anything you encounter any problems.



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