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Trabolgan Holiday Village

Trabolgan Holiday Village – Beat the queues with myEPOS 

Trabolgan Holiday Village is located on over 140 acres of peaceful woodland beside the sea in East Cork.  

Trabolgan offers plenty of food and beverage locations on site that caters for its approximately 100,000 plus guests each season. Their guests can choose from Sally O Hara’s Restaurant, Costa Coffee, Casey’s fastfood dinner, Cove Bar, and Cotters bar.  

C&L supplies the myEPOS solution for all 5 food and beverage outlets across the 140 acre holiday village. By using this software, all outlets can continuously report to a central location without any break in service meaning that program changes, stock and sales reports etc. can all be run with ease.  

The Challenge

Reopening in June 2021 under the new covid guidelines had its challenges. The safety of guests and staff is paramount to Trabolgan and this had to be reflected in their new processes and procedures. They needed a quick and accurate solution to supply table service, to avoid the queuing for food and beverages – the “beat the queues” solution from C&L did just that.

The Solution

After reviewing other table service software and following a meeting with C&L and a full demonstration of the myEPOS Online Order, they decided that this was exactly the right fit for them.  

For Costa Coffee, Casey’s fastfood and Cove Bar; QR codes were placed on the tables in the seating area. Guests now order by simply scanning the code and paying for it there and then. Orders are received swiftly and delivered promptly to the tables.  

For Sally’s Restaurant a combination of the QR codes on tables, as well as myEPOSOrderPads for employees. Customers have a choice of using the QR codes provided or dealing directly with our wait staff.  

Staff now easily take the customer orders at the table if they decide against the QR codes for their fine dining experience.  

The Outcome

Feedback from guests has been really great. They have been impressed with the ease at which they can view full menus and order in just a few clicks from their smart phone, order at a few clicks. No queuing necessary!  

The kitchen staff and floor staff are also very happy with the new way of doing things – clear order dockets at all times make for a smooth service every day.  

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